Progress in anything does not happen on its own. Progress requires action, preferably action based on optimism.

It is easy today to see negative optimism or as I call it, pessimism. Pessimism can be exhausting as it is comprised of apathy, anger, accusation and denial as well as a whole lot of criticism.

Maybe you are not an optimistic individual all the time. However, if you are looking for that right position for you, the job that may change your life, you would be willing to be optimistic.

You can be situationally optimistic at any time.

If this new job means you have to take a course to receive specific credentials, even though you hated school, it doesn’t mean you cannot, in this case, take that course and use it to apply for and get this job.


This situational optimism comes from within and comes alive when there is something in your life or you see something that you are sincere about, that you can change or add to.

If you can be of benefit some of the time, it is better than not being of benefit at all.

If you are called on to lead a team and you don’t want to (this happens, believe me), there is a great possibility that you can see the good you can provide to the team as well as your boss and the company you work for or maybe just do it as a favor. Just this one time.

Again, more situational optimism! It’s a thing, really. If not, I am making it a thing.

There is a thing called situational pessimism, however, there is enough of that in this world today that requires no need for explanation.  Just read the news or Social Media. Most people are caught up in pessimism and another ‘ism’, criticism, all the time.

Let’s focus today on situational optimism where you can be of benefit to yourself, others and maybe even the world.

You never know!

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Joanne Victoria