When you start a new job, you have expectations. These expectations can include a desk, a place to sit, an amenable HR person, nice people to work with, and a clearly defined role you will have in this organization.

One would think that when you were hired after a series of interviews, that the scope of the position will be made clear.

What if it is not? What if all you get from your new boss is to figure it out, to do the job that is not clear in the scope of where and how you work and the expectations others have of you?

You have the experience and the skills; you know what you are doing, that is why you were hired. Yet no one has been clear about their expectations. How can you thrive at a job where you have no guidance and clarity?

This is about ineffective communication. The bosses think they know what they want the outcome to be, yet are unable to translate that into applicable, actionable language.

In lieu of talking to your boss right off the bat, you ask people who work in your and other departments what teams they are on. Maybe someone else is supposed to work with you on this project.

Maybe someone else knows what’s going on. It turns out aht the people you are asking these questions of are not good communicators. Some say, ‘Just go along with program’, others say ‘You’ll know when the tell you’ -totally passive/aggressive personalities. More ineffective communication!

Then there are those who just roll their eyes! What are you supposed to do with this reaction?!

This is the time you must talk to the person who hired you, your boss.

This is the time for you to be an assertive communicator

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Joanne Victoria