Action is the key to everything.

We want, we desire, we crave, yet do we ask for what we want?

Not often enough. We wait for it to happen. We think about it. We wonder if we really deserve what we say we want. Yet, in most instances, be it about a job, a move, a relationship, we wait.
It is time to stop waiting and start acting on the hunches, that flow into our brains.
Yes, it may appear to be a risk to verbalize your hunches, but so what?

Give yourself a chance for new possibilities to occur in your life. What are you waiting for?

With Intuitive Moments you have the power to get what you want in an easy and effortless way.
Everything is a muscle, be it in the body or mind, whether writing or building a house, they all require strong muscles.
Take a stand for what you believe, for what you want. If you don’t take this stand for yourself, who will take it for you?

Trust your instincts, trust the intelligence inside of you that you have gathered over your lifetime, trust that now is the time for you to express yourself.
Act even if…even if you are afraid of losing whatever is in front of you. Even if…you do not think you deserve what you are asking for. Even if…there is a smidge of doubt inside of you. Even if…you do not think you really deserved what you want to ask for.
Even if.

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Take care of yourself!


Joanne Victoria