If you say you are going to do something, then do it. If you say you will be there at a specific time, be there. A statement is a promise, especially if it is clear, that you will complete a task such as heading that meeting, bringing new information to the table or taking your kids skiing.

Many people seem to think that their word is fluid, flexible and that if they do change their mind, only to themselves, that others will forgive them. Others may let it go by, but as in most things, three times and you are out. Out of the work meetings, out of the family dynamics and out for that promotion.

Don’t be the person others cannot count on. Your reputation will be tarnished, and no one will trust you.

If someone says, ‘I’ll call you back at 3 PM.”, you expect that call at 3 PM. When you finally get together, the other person has loads of excuses as to why they were not available at the time they stated. Traffic, weather – the list gets longer each time they disappoint you.

When people lose trust in you, you are by yourself, floating in the Universe, because no one will believe you when you next attempt to set up a time, date or some commitment. They will not trust you.

To avoid excuses, be accountable for what you say; get yourself a date book or use any online app to keep notes, and be very, very humble the next time you break your word.

To build trust is a step by step mountain climb, to maintain trust is to stay on top of that mountain.

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Joanne Victoria