My instincts are always to persevere especially when I work with my clients. We sometimes hold space in the conversation and I have to wiggle my way through to find out what is being withheld, why it is being withheld, and help my clients move through it. In my wiggle room which can sometimes be very small, I see a ray of light. That ray of light most likely is focused on a long-held resentment or two.

When I look at this withholding of resentment and discover they are angry with and resentful of it, the issue becomes clear; they barely know nor can they recall the story behind the resentment.

I help them dig and dig and together, we find the source which is usually multi-layered.

It can be amazing and frightening at the same time.

There is a solution, there is always a solution, and in the above instances, the solution is forgiveness.

Sometimes people don’t know what the solution means or represents because they do not know the source of forgiveness, the power of forgiveness, and the value of forgiveness

I can tell you it has been proven universally that forgiveness works, forgiveness heals, and that healing brings happiness, joy, and peace. Inner peace.

Copyright 2022 Excerpt from Joanne Victoria’s  latest book, THE FORGIVENESS EXPERIENCE®

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria