You thought you could do this alone. It is possible, but it will use up all your skills, talent, and strengths. You will never have a good night’s sleep if you go it alone.

You are about to start your own business.

You need help and the time for help is at the beginning, if not before starting a business. You need a team of people to support your dreams. I will call this your Outer Vision Team.

The Outer Vision Team is where real-world action takes place. Results come from this real-world action. Many experts will be grateful to be on your Outer Vision Team.

What you have to do is determine who they are and if they are a good fit.

First, you need a Mentor, someone who will ‘hold’ the dream for you.

Second, everyone on your team must have values that are in alignment with your values and the values of this business.

Third, know that you can have as few as three or four other people on your team.

Too many cooks can spoil the broth, so keep it small and simple. However, I have expanded this list to possibly include one more member.

Fourth, this is when you need the ability to trust others.

How Do You Choose Your Outer Vision Team?
Choosing team members is vital to manifest your Vision with a Capital V™. With the right Vision Team, you can implement the strategies necessary to stay on track.

You also need someone to Challenge your ideas. As an entrepreneur, you think you know it all. The truth is, as the idea person, you may never question your idea or discuss how you can implement it.

If you allow yourself to be challenged ever so slightly, you may be better able to reframe your idea, so it will become a powerful result.

You may also require a Technical person, one who is more familiar with the web and internet than you are. It will save time. I know, you think you know as much as you need to about tech, however, you don’t. You are the Entrepreneur, not the tech person.

I am adding a new member to your Outer Vision Team. This member is a genius in finance, negotiating prices and fees as well as what and how to charge for any services rendered by your business. I will call this person the Financial Genius! 

Again, your Mentor is key to not only holding your Vision but also to being objective as to the outcomes.

You are in charge of your life. You can rewrite your life script any way you want. Your future will result from your imagination, from your desires, from your Vision with a Capital V™. Wrap your head and heart around this Vision. Believe that you deserve this great life. Take this opportunity to
share it with others. Shout it out! You have successfully created your Vision
with a Capital V™.

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Joanne Victoria

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Joanne Victoria