Whether you own your own business, are an employee or executive in a corporation, or are a solopreneur, you do not have to love your job. I know. Shocking, right?

Yet true. You can love the way you do your job or the benefits the paycheck or profits provide, but you do not have to love your job.

Consider what you learn ‘on the job’ as experience for the next one. If you are a solopreneur, you can learn more specifically what does or does not work with your situation. You can then eliminate any rough spots and smooth out all the procedures.

Even if you are underpaid for your talents, you must do what you do for you.

Sally loved what she did but not like the environment she worked in. This is something Sally had no control over. What she did have control over was how she felt about her accomplishments.

What felt good about her job was knowing that this was the first step in her journey in the working world. Even if it was her fifth step, Sally was learning; the experiences could only help her.

Those who are executives may need to plow through unpleasant tasks on the job, yet the results will help them further up the ladder of success.

Solopreneurs, like many others, can learn through experience what next steps must be taken to be more successful.

You may not love your job; however, you can love the life you live and how you live it.

Your life may include great friends and family or hobbies you already enjoy – maybe you like to dance, ski, read, fly airplanes, walk in the woods?

Book your calendar with appointments for yourself, doing what gives you joy.

The job will still be there and you have a journey to take before you are truly satisfied with your work.

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Joanne Victoria