Your impatience doesn’t move others to faster action.

Patience is what is required to live your life in a new, different way. If your life suddenly became pure and perfect, you might not be able to handle it. Where’s the fun in perfection?

You need that information and you want it now. How can you possibly complete the project if you don’t have that data that is already one week overdue?

You find yourself agitated, sweaty, and thinking all sorts of nasty thoughts.

An impatient person is not looked upon kindly by their peers. You can be seen as impulsive, rude, and arrogant. Others will do their best to stay out of your impatient way.

What’s the next step to tame your impatience?

Before you attempt to unfold the reasons for your impatience, take a breath. A deep, slow breath. Do this as many times as necessary to calm your heart rate and slow down your blood pressure.

Do things more slowly than usual. The slower you work, the easier to get out of this dangerous mood. Act ‘as if’ you are a patient person. The more you act it, the easier to be it.

What you need to avoid is becoming angry at team members and clients. Impatience can easily turn into anger if not monitored.

You are now at a place where you can choose – choose to be patient or impatient.

Have a chat with the person who is late getting you the important data you need. Be calm and determine if they need more help; or are they just afraid of you?

Remember, your impatience doesn’t move others to faster action.

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria