Want to know why most people are not living lives of success, happiness, and abundance? There are only three reasons: They are ignorant. They are lazy. They don’t give a damn.
I dare you to come up with a reason other than those.
Let me explain.
Few people are actually ignorant. Everyone knows enough to be successful at something. So it is rare that someone is really too ignorant to be successful.
The problem is not that we don’t know, the problem is that we don’t do what we already know . . . which means we are lazy.
How sad to know how to be successful and be too lazy to do it. It must mean you don’t care enough to be successful – in other words, you don’t really give a damn! How do you explain that to your family? How can you look yourself in the eye? Was that Netflix binge really all that important? Could you really afford to take that nap? Don’t you care enough to do all you can?
Face it. You could do more. Stop telling yourself how busy you are. Stop the excuses. Just admit to yourself that you could do more than you are doing. You could turn off the TV, ignore your texts, shut off your devices, and work a little harder.
The issue is not can you but will you? Do not give up. Ever.
Joanne Victoria
Joanne Victoria