In my book, Vision With a Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams, one of the tools I designed is the Outer Vision Team. This team consists of experienced individuals to support you especially if you are a Creative entrepreneur.

An important member of this team is the Challenger.

As creatives, you need to be challenged so you put forth a product or service that not only makes money but also has a place in the world of Commerce.

The Challenger checks out all the flaws of the product or service and looks for weaknesses. The challenger presents as a gift to the team so all negativity gets out front which will hopefully eliminate any surprises down the road.

The world is filled with great ideas, however, follow-through is the key. You must have an action plan. Your Outer Vision Team is your resource for results.

If you allow yourself to be challenged ever so slightly, you will be better able to reframe your idea so it will become a result.

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria