The function is what a thing does.

The purpose is why it does it.

The function of life is to feel.

Then the why is up to you.

You can feel whatever you want; you cannot avoid this- however, you can choose the feeling.

Feelings are energy.

Energy is a magnet for life energy.

How you feel about anything is a factor in the way you experience life (sometimes called perception).

Everything you do, you do for feelings, either to achieve a certain feeling or to avoid certain feelings. Children (you, maybe) are born innocent, vulnerable to abusive adults around them.

Parents manipulate children to meet their own unresolved needs and children idealize their parents.

No rejection ever goes unavenged.

For example- a woman despises her father for whatever reason. She will seek to unburden herself by humiliating her son. The son grows up idealizing his mother – he then seeks revenge on other women

Break the cycle.

It is still pervasive.

Look around.

Forgiveness is a tool. Feelings are like the soul.

We can handle any feelings we want to simply by being it.

We have blocked our feelings because we are afraid of what we judge as ‘bad’.

A Master is one who channels the feeling he/she wants to have and then, has that feeling.

Salvation is forgiveness.

Your part is to be happy.

You give but to yourself.

Taken from The Forgiveness Experience, Ⓒ All Rights Reserved WorldWide 2021 Joanne Victoria



Joanne Victoria