When we speak with others be it as a client, coach, consultant, guest, parent, associate, partner, and so on, we know we need to establish rapport with others. This perspective is about us being aware.

Some forget this. Rapport is a sense of trust amongst each other- we need rapport to be successful.

However, the most important thing about rapport is that we have it with ourselves, first.

Everything always comes back to this place, to ourselves, first.

Do we have a rapport with ourselves before we pick up a phone to make a sale? Are we in harmony with our inner selves?

We must be in harmony, in rapport with ourselves first, last, and always.

How to do this is the key to better relationships and greater success with most anyone.

First, accept yourself in the moment-you could even say, ‘I accept myself exactly as I am right now.’

Then, acknowledge that your Inner or Higher Self is always, yes always, trying to serve you, even if it causes you to be sad, upset, or depressed.

Create a better relationship with your Higher or Inner Self. Decide how you are going to be with yourself and others. Get support here; smarter people than you are always saying to be comfortable with others, especially when you are trying to sell or heal.

This is time to accept your inner reality and be in rapport with your Inner Self before you attempt to have any type of relationship with others. This does not take much time; it requires commitment. You are now creating a sense of joy within yourself.

Be willing to move forward and support others in their success by allowing them to be who they are right now. Be willing to be comfortable with others even if they are uncomfortable, angry, or depressed. You can do this because you are in alignment with your Inner Self and that is where your personal power comes from.

Our personal power is on the inside, not the outside. It is inside of you where always has been. If you get stuck with this, contact me here to talk about a Breakthru.

Joanne Victoria


Joanne Victoria