What do teams provide? A team starts out with two or more people with the same end goal in sight. Each member has a skill different from the other, yet in alignment with each other. This is the most important part of being a good team member; the awareness of alignment.

We are all on a team whether we know it or not. You know about baseball, soccer, football, and basketball teams; did you know that each of us is part of a team even if we never thought of it that way?

An entrepreneur has many team members, both internal and external. The external team, which I call my Outer Vision Team, could include a Creative Entrepreneur. Maybe that’s you, the one who invents ideas and concepts. You also need a Detail person, the one who is comfortable with being cautious. A Detail person loves deadlines and order. The Creative person flows with ideas that require order.

You may think, as the Creative, that you know it all. Maybe you do; however, the Challenger wants to know each and every reason for saying NO! The Challenger checks out all the flaws and weaknesses of your idea or product.

The Challenger is a gift to your Outer Vision Team in that you can get all the negativity out upfront, which eliminates surprises down the road.

You may also require a Technical person, one who is more familiar with the web than you or your other team members.

Your Mentor is key to not only holding your Vision but also to be objective as to the outcomes.

If you are a solopreneur, you have resources that you contact for your printing, advertising, social media, and the like. This is a team. You may also hire a bookkeeper, virtual assistant, and even your masseuse! is part of your team.

Corporate offices have many teams; sometimes multiple teams work on the same project.

Your family is also a team, be it your close relatives or extended families.

As a team member, you need to have a vision for the outcome and its ramifications as well as have a leader who helps you see this vision and outcome clearly. Everyone wants to know what is in it for them – both team and whoever benefits from the team’s work efforts.

As a family team, you may pull together if one family individual needs support. You may meet, discuss the possible outcomes and determine a path to resolve this issue.

As a solopreneur or small business owner, you can use a team of professionals to help you succeed. If they succeed so, do you.

In global corporations, team members have similar styles, although the content and context of the team may appear to be more specific with providing better outcomes for the public.

How is your team going? Ask questions here and I will respond.


Joanne Victoria