Did you know that about two-thirds of the American population is obese? This does not include the extra COVID weight some have attached to their bodies!

Are you one of them or are you just on your way to being fat and unhealthy?

You sit on your butts, in quarantine or something similar, you don’t move your body the way you used to and you eat pizza, hamburgers, candy, mac and cheese, and other foods that are a danger to your body and mind.

Then there are your mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and mid-evening snacks!

And what’s in that jar on your desk and kitchen or dining room tables that you keep putting your hand in?

You are gaining weight, getting unhealthy yet you are doing very little to support your personal fitness.

And winter is coming.

What are you supposed to do?

First of all, just say no to any of the foods that do not work for you.

Create a schedule and a food log to determine what and when you eat. These quarantines are great at protecting you from becoming ill, however, not at all good for your diet and health.

Start walking. Walk around your house every hour to get your blood moving.

If you have stairs in your home, climb them throughout the day.

Use any break to walk. I know, it’s too cold, too wet; get a warm coat and an umbrella.

Check out your blood pressure frequently. You can accomplish this in many ways: Fire departments provide free BP tests; most pharmacies provide BP stations and be sure to have your BP taken at the same time of day as the prior tests.

It’s your life- make it work for you.

Want help in having your life work for you? This one’s for you.


Joanne Victoria