Another important reason to discover your True Calling in life is this statement – ‘Each of us is born with three things: your name, your family, and your inherent limitations. You learn your name fairly quickly. You never really know your family. And most of us will never have a clue of how much, or how little, we are truly capable.’

To me, it resonates as a true statement in that we never know our family well, if at all. We are in the group called ‘family’ and wonder at times as to who these people are and why they act the way they do. This community takes a great deal of time to know, understand, and possibly appreciate. Many times, it never happens, yet as they are ‘family’, we ignore things about them including their actions. Yet, it seems like a semi-sacred space.

The part about our inherent limitations, well, this is a stunner. If we come into this world already set up with limitations, how are we to function or even succeed? The challenge is in the word ‘inherent’. We are born with, at least, a disposition towards degrees of consciousness, curiosity, agreeableness, and openness. Of course, these aspects of us change, depending on the family we were born into.

It may also change if we are in an adoptive family. Maybe the family we have is the one that nurtures us the best; that said, maybe adoptees such as Steve Jobs, Scott Hamilton, Dave Thomas (Wendy’s) Babe Ruth, and Malcolm X, to name a few, may not have succeeded to the heights they did if they were not adopted. No one truly knows. Yet family is a determining factor in our success.

The one thing we all have at birth, scientific or not, is the ability to imagine and I say, as well, the ability to learn. We can all learn and may succeed more than we imagined regardless of our upbringing.

You need to know who we truly are way down deep or even on the surface depending on how much inner work you have done. Your True Calling is inside of you; let it out to help others and the world at large.

Keep on learning, keep on succeeding and know that this is your life; you can make it what you want, regardless of being born poor or rich, famous or not; this is about you, not them. This world needs you now more than ever.

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Joanne Victoria