About 50% or more of workers today have an anxiety or depression issue. This rate increases for Millennials and Gen X workers to about 80%.

If you choose to stay where you are at work, either from home or at the office learn to handle this dilemma in a smart way.

I’m not talking about prescription drugs, that’s your call. I am talking about handling yourself more mindfully on a day-to-day basis.

You need tools to get thru everything in our present world; in the past, workers had similar issues, just without the labels of anxiety and depression.

One way to lessen anxiety and depression (unless clinically diagnosed!!) would be to leave your work or home office at the end of the day, spend some alone time to regroup, then spend time with your family. Even driving home can be considered alone or meditative time.

Another way would be to exercise either before or after work. Movement releases anxiety to a great degree. You can walk, ride a bike, run, go to the gym, dance, just move.

Yet another tool is to shut off all electronic devices from the time you finish working until work starts the next day. I know, you are hooked on your devices, yet these same devices add to your anxiety and depression.

And sleep! If you can sleep up to eight hours a night, you have found a natural way to diminish anxiety and depression issues.

Create mental boxes to store your problems within; one for sleep, another for work, again another for family, and so on. The use of this mental image can help your brain avoid stress.

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Joanne Victoria