A married couple, each having had successful C Suite careers in IT, lose their jobs after a recession, now find themselves traveling the United States in their long-haul truck. It fulfills their dreams of seeing all the US has to offer, meeting people and they are free to roam, mostly burden-free.

How a physician decides to leave medicine and become a chef. His dream is fulfilled.

And then there is the super famous chef who started out working at the Office of Management & Budget at the White House and then proceeded to oversee the Nuclear Regulatory Commission budget before food called to her.

Loads of people become chefs from IT and banking which fulfills the creative gift of birth they came with as well as they get to eat well and definitely have more fun. I’ve met many individuals, especially bankers, who were healers and masseuses on the side and that’s what made them really happy and fulfilled.

Imagine how good it would feel to find your True Calling and experience feelings of liberation, excitement, and rock-solid confidence as you wake up and face each day. It could happen! You would then be able to step out of your Shadow Career once and for all.

A Shadow Career is one where you can feel good most times, maybe make a lot of money, have great people around you, yet feel let down, like after a big celebration. The adrenalin drops and you are still seeking that feeling of joy. It seems to have dissipated and you wonder what the point of your life is.

When you are in a Shadow Career, you are not yourself, your true self; you just don’t know it. Not knowing is the problem. It is when you understand and admit that you are not living up to the reason you are here on this planet that you are truly aware of the differences between your Shadow Career and your True Calling.

Most of us never heard of a Shadow Career. This is not about being feeling like a fake; this is about not being your entire true self.

Shadow Careers are not your True Calling; these careers are what works for that particular moment in time. There is a difference and sometimes it is not subtle.

It’s all about discovering why you exist; your main purpose in life; your reason for getting up in the morning. Once you can tap into this creative and inspiring state of being, you’ll quickly find that opportunities will open up for you in a number of unexpected ways.

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Joanne Victoria