Does your company follow the 24/7 rule? You say you don’t know about the 24/7 rule?? The 24/7 rules mean you either work or are on call twenty-four hours a day by any device that exists. And you better be prepared to work during this time. Sometimes, you work for free.

This means that the company comes first, you come in a far second and anyone else in your life comes in dead last.

Now watch what happens – marriages will fall apart, co-workers get sick because of the demands and the stress; people cry at their desks. This really happens at some, not all, global corporations.

I think it is time you left that job right now. You have other skills in your life that you can adapt to. You can probably find a decent job with about forty-eight hours of research.

Maybe you don’t want a ‘real’ job anymore. What about writing that book or getting on a plane to Singapore, stepping off and finding a job or a life there? You never know until you try.

How do you know this is the end of this job and company for you?

  • You take almost an hour to just get out of bed. You do not look forward to the day, again.
  • Everyone in your circle of influence knows all about the situation and about the evil doers at your company.
  • You have totally forgotten how to have fun.
  • You have also forgotten, almost, about the dreams you had a few years ago.

What to do, oh, what to do??!!

  • First, talk to someone. Stay off the computer for a while; talk face to face with a human you trust and who knows you.
  • Then, talk to more people you trust. Collate their responses and write everything down. On paper, by hand.
  • After the above two pieces of advice, make a plan.

Plan your next step, not the remainder of your life. Take one step at a time. If you still want to work in your current field, check out the numerous job sites and find something at a place you never thought you could work.

Make it about you, no one else, and put yourself first.

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Joanne Victoria