Sit down for a minute or two or ten, take a breath, be calm and peaceful, and see how that works for you. This peacefulness you experience can be with you throughout any day. Inner Peace is something we all, even if we don’t want to admit it, want, and need. Even and especially during these challenging times.

The rewards for Inner Peace are many – improved relationships in all areas of your life; better health and wellness; greater self-confidence – just a few returns that come with Inner Peace.

How does one find Inner Peace in a stressful, busy, fast-moving world?

One way to find Inner Peace is to start taking responsibility for your interactions with everyone. Be in the moment with people as best you can pay attention to what the conversations are about, and how you can support and help the individual you are speaking with.

Another way to Inner Peace is to not make mountains out of molehills; do not make a big production where none is needed. The issue you are dealing with is probably not as important as you think it is. Let it fade away.

De-clutter your desk, closets as well as your garage. Throw away any piece of paper you don’t need. Sell your clothes on eBay or give them away to Good Will. Delete anything in your home space that is extraneous to your life.

You will feel better – I can (almost) guarantee it.

To maintain your sanity – only do one thing at a time. Conquering this alone will bring great Inner Peace. Doing one thing at a time will also keep you more focused, help you satisfy your work requirements easier and you will have a better home life because you will be there in total, without distractions.

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Joanne Victoria