If you are now this and you want to be that and your life as you know it is at a crossroads, then it is time to reinvent yourself; it’s time for a change. You can transform your life from who you are now to who you want to be.

To reinvent yourself means to bring your dreams and desires to life, to be able to tap into all the shutdown areas of your life.

To reinvent any part of your life means you need freedom. This freedom only works if you have the time and space to stop. In order to reinvent yourself, you need to know who you are now. You also need space to create your future self.

A while back, after I fired a client, I found I was exhausted. This depletion of energy was nothing I had ever experienced before. I checked in with myself and decided I needed a break, time off to heal from my experiences with this past client. Clarity came after I slept, prayed, and wrote in a journal. My tiredness was all my responsibility, not the client. Bottom line was, I realized I was more concerned with the client’s business than the client was.

Never again.

What about you? Do you take on another’s work along with your own?

You need relief from the ordinary, unpleasant tasks life includes. You need time.

You need to determine what you are doing that is no longer relevant or rewarding.

Decide what you no longer want to do, what takes up your precious time.

You need a plan to help you choose what no longer works in your life and decide what it is you truly want to do.

So it goes. Freedom and independence to choose, time to make changes, and room for all these changes to grow. This is part of what it takes to reinvent yourself.

This could help and a 15 minute Laser Coaching session is included.


Joanne Victoria