Are you able to live a simple life? What does the word simple mean to you?

One of the most important things in simplifying your life is to take time between tasks – this of course is after you have cut your task list in half first. You do not need to work as much as you think and if you keep adding more tasks, even if simplified, they will take up space.

Choose what is really important to you, not just fill the dance card.

Save time to play, to rest, and to have fun. Fun should come first as many of us have not had too much fun recently. Add as much padding time between tasks as you want, with fifteen minutes being the smallest pad time.

It’s similar to checking out google maps and you see that it says 35 minutes to your destination. This thirty-five-minute time frame does not account for finding the parking lot or space or getting to the correct floor or office. This could add a significant amount of time, so padding, between tasks, is important for your brain.

Place your full attention on a task, create padding between these tasks, and complete all these tasks extremely well. We all place high expectations upon ourselves which most times include too many tasks or appointments in one day. Lessen the load on yourself and others; no sense arriving late to a meeting (even if virtual!!) when you have choices.

Enjoy the time you put into a task or event and you will feel better and less stressed.

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Joanne Victoria