Thoughts are the forerunner of our actions said Max Muller and he was right. What we think more than what we say or do is who we become. If we follow our thoughts, based on our current state of mind, we may surprise ourselves and find that we are not in a very good place.

What we think is important and we need to confirm our thoughts before we act.

Thich Nhat Hann says to ask if we are sure about what we are thinking. Ask yourself what you are doing; this act alone will bring you back to the present. It is in the present when decisions are made, not the past.

To take action about the past requires you to delve into your own past to see if you are acting based on revenge for what others may have done to you or yours. Hopefully, you have dealt with your past. If not, go back and review what needs deleting or place this issue a very tiny box and hid in the furthest part of your brain.

Once you are ready to put this thought or thoughts into action, decide that you will do no harm to yourself or others.

When I say do no harm I am speaking about refraining from bodily harm, harsh words, and lying, among other actions, and instead, to have an open mind.

An open mind allows you to ask questions to inform yourself of other perspectives. To be open-minded also means to be tolerant of others’ actions and behaviors. This could be as simple as you being a person who is a carnivore who understands those who are vegetarians. Not everything is a big deal.

Your life can change with a myriad of little steps towards understanding, acceptance, and clear thinking.


Joanne Victoria