I recently made the acquaintance of a bird, a Willow Goldfinch, measuring about 4 inches from beak to tail, who visited me very early in the mornings, early enough to wake me up. How nice, Summer has arrived in my area of Washington State and the birds are singing!

Not hardly! After about two weeks of visits, when attempting to take a picture of this warbling bird, also known as the afternoon canary as well as its being the Washington State bird. I looked closely at what it was doing.

The charming little bird was tearing my bedroom window screen to shreds!

I took a picture and a video to confirm what I was seeing.

With a bit of research, I learned the Goldfinch was most likely using my screen to build a nest for her forthcoming baby birds.

Yes, it was a female bird as the male of the species was most likely having a cigar with his buddies at the corner tree.

I did tape part of the screen, temporarily, thinking that once she was complete in sourcing for her nest, I would use my spare screen and replace this one. I also knew if I decided to replace the screen now, she would just source another screen and this activity would start all over again.

In what I hoped was her final visit, the Goldfinch landed outside my window yet again, stared at the tape I applied on the lowest corner of the screen, took stock of the current situation, then proceeded to tear off several strands off another part of the screen. The strands were as long as she was tall; she packed these strands into her beak and flew away to continue to build her nest probably knowing this was her last chance. She was certainly committed to her task.

A commitment is a promise to do something for someone or something else in the future. Commitment is also about dedication. If this activity by the Goldfinch was not a commitment, I don’t know what is.

She went after what she wanted for her children, did not let anyone else’s obstacle (my tape application) stand in her way, adjusted her view of the source (my screen), and proceeded to make it work.

Do you keep your word about your commitments? Do you follow thru no matter what obstacles may stand in your way?

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Joanne Victoria