I am sure some of you just want to cut and run and let go of what you doing right now. Sounds great and maybe even easy for you to do.

To go off to that peaceful place of no or fewer responsibilities.

To remove yourself from all the chaos life is presenting right now.

To hunker down more frequently and to ignore the commitment you made to yourself and others.

You can do that if it is what you really and truly want, however, I recommend you review your life and if and how you can continue to contribute your mind and soul to others.

If life was easy, we would all be happy all the time and there would be no struggling. I know some of you are struggling right now. Some of you are struggling with inner thoughts that prevent you from being the 100% powerful human you are.

Don’t give up yet. I prefer you didn’t give up at all as we need you and your gifts.

Re-evaluate your path, your life vision, and how you can adjust and adapt in a less painful way.

You do have the strength for this – it is too soon for escape. Contribute who you are to this game called life.

The world needs you and now is the time.

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Joanne Victoria