‘I can do that!’

Well, no, I can’t really; however, others have. Did you know that several of the participants on the Food Network show ‘Chopped’ were either a college student, graduate, or working in totally different worlds than culinary arts?

Former biotech engineers want to cook. Military veterans love to cook. Numbers of people come to cooking professionally later on in life.

For those of you who do not know about the show, Chopped, the premise is as follows- four chefs compete to prepare a three-course meal from appetizers to dessert using all of the four mystery ingredients the show provides them for each round. After each course, which can be twenty or thirty minutes long, one chef’s dish is “Chopped” by the judges, eliminating the competitor from the remainder of the contest. The last standing contestant wins $10,000 generally; twenty to fifty thousand dollars in special shows.

Sounds a bit like real life, doesn’t it? You get paid if people like your product and you succeed.

The four ingredients are supposedly chosen by random, yet for the show to work, the contestants need to use not only their creative minds but also their logical mind.

In my mind, I see people lined up at a very long table in some secret room with fresh and packaged eccentric ingredients in front of them testing their own recipes to be presented on Chopped.

There is Chopped Junior, Chopped Grillmaster, Chopped Grandmothers, Chopped Champions, Chopped Sweets, Chopped All-Stars – the list keeps going.

What have we got here?

A great concept with what my friend Sima Dahl, calls a Sway Factor. A great business name; a simple solution to making great meals (providing a service) which is the foundation for this business within a business.

Just so you know how far this show has come, the pilot episode was something like this –. ‘It was set in a mansion, the host was a butler, the butler held a Chihuahua, and when a chef was chopped the losing dish was fed to the Chihuahua.” The Food Network found the pilot episode “a little too weird”, but decided to keep the general premise of the show in a more straightforward competition format.’ Wikipedia

So, keep it simple, have some sway, be interesting, provide a great service, be inventive and creative, make it enjoyable – then you can add another, maybe even with a butler!

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Joanne Victoria