Never walk into a space, personal or professional, with your blindfold on.

Blindfolds could be arrogance, love, money, ambition, loyalty, religion, politics, and much, much more.

Your blindfold could be construed as a bias towards or against an individual or a group of individuals.

If you think you are right in your perspectives and conversations, it may be difficult to hear another point of view.

If you think you know it all, you will definitely be biased against anyone else’s perspective.

If you have no biases, you could be easily swayed.

Any way you look at it, you must be prepared especially if you have or are wanting a new client, a new job, or a new relationship.

You may have a bias against a large corporation yet a bias for their employees because they may be strong enough to work for a seemingly not so kind corporate board (your bias).

Bias comes in all shapes and sizes and infiltrates our daily lives; some use the word prejudice or tendency in place of bias. Think about how you communicate with others and what biases you may have in any area of conversation.

A bias is a Big Red Stop for everyone. Fewer biases equal less anger, and more neutrality and objectivity. The more openminded you can be, the easier it is to live in this world.

The Buddhists tell you to detach, which is to separate oneself from one’s own thoughts, feelings, and opinions in detail as to not be harmed mentally and emotionally by them.

You can detach by accepting things as they are, using meditation, and interacting with more people so your point of view is expanded.

Are you biased? If you want to remove a bias or two, contact me here.



Joanne Victoria