Do you have moments when an intuitive flash comes to your mind, but you do not act upon it because of the rules
you or society set for the situation? You may simply lack the confidence to believe that your ideas can carry great weight and you don’t want to be rude or offend anyone.

An ingredient of confidence is taking a stand about your beliefs. Of course, only the beliefs you are willing to share. You know the difference.

Who knew that when I left New York people would tell me I had a lot of confidence? I only knew I had to do whatever it took to take care of myself and my family.

We never know when this power, confidence, will pop up. And confidence is a powerful tool and a blessing.

If you are committed to something happening and it concerns your actions, of course, you will be confident. You may not appear confident on the job if you kowtow to what everyone else wants instead of speaking your mind.

What about making mistakes? We all make mistakes; however, it is the confident person that can own up to it.

Do you accept compliments gracefully? If you do, you are confident. If you dismiss the compliment and say it was no big deal, you are deflecting and denying your confidence.

In order to be consistently confident, you may need a little focus.

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Joanne Victoria