People need and want to be heard.

People will be grateful to be heard because no one listens anymore. They are too involved with their own thoughts and ideas instead of what the other person is saying.

Learn to listen better. Be the first on your block to have the patience to listen to the people you are speaking with. Face them, be mindful and listen.

Do we just stop talking?

Everywhere you go, there is someone needing to be heard. You do not have to get into long conversations with the store clerk, but how could it hurt for you to ask how they are and listen to what they have to say, especially today? You are smart enough to manage this exchange and limit the interaction. A kind word is a gift that may change someone else’s day.

If you are in sales, you certainly need to listen. If you are in a relationship, you better listen, or else your relationship will be easily damaged!

People who do not listen to others are sometimes just full of themselves. They like the sound of their own voice. They are also thinking of what they want to say to you instead of listening to what you are saying.

Do you do this? Are you willing to adjust your methods? Give it a go and listen to at least one new person this week. Just listen.

Have questions about listening and talking to others? Click here and ask away!

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