How resilient are you? If you are able to withstand the current drama and are hopeful about yourself and those around you, you will thrive.

Do you ever wonder where this resilience strength will come from? It will come from your heart, it will come from within.

I recently interviewed Lolly Daskal for my podcast, The Sanity Project Podcast, and her business is called Lead From Within, about helping leaders make a meaningful difference in their companies.

I think Living From Within is where our strength comes from. People want to know what to do to either solve or eliminate the problem. With the existing pandemic, neither is currently possible – at least regarding what I read.

So, what we can do is ask ‘Who do I need to be to function at a high level during this crisis?’ ‘Who do I need to be to help my family and my neighbors?’ Who do you need to be?

Once we stop blaming anyone and everyone, you will be able to more easily listen to your heart. You will take direction from your heart. We must open our hearts and stay away from fear. If fear enters, move it aside and stand in your power with Inner Strength.

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Joanne Victoria