You are responsible for yourself. This can happen in many ways. One way is to say no to topics, instances, and occurrences that others try to subscribe to. Except for what is happening right now.

If you are feeling overly stressed, burned out and unhappy, it may be because you have no boundaries. You may have lost your sense of self as a person. This can be easy to do.

The bottom line is, this is your life and you owe it to yourself to set boundaries, especially now.

I am on Day 32 of the Stay at Home order here in Washington State. I go for walks once in a while and have to maintain my boundaries on the sidewalks of the very quiet area I live in. It is up to me if someone else walks on the same sidewalk in the opposite or same direction. I cannot rely on this person or group of individuals to concern themselves with my welfare.

When you are working at home, especially in today’s world, you are responsible for how you want to work and to create and enroll others into your schedule.

The thing you need most of all whether being outdoors or working at home is a sense of peace and tranquility.

If you spent all your days in the same room as your entire family, – yes, all of them! – you would go bonkers.

You need to draw a line in the sand as to where and when your boundaries are invoked.

You can empower yourself by establishing boundaries and learning to be with yourself.

Do you want to discuss how to establish boundaries, contact me here.




Joanne Victoria