Sleep. Something we all need and yet we have a difficult time with our relationship with it – sleep that is.

I recently watched a PBS/Nova documentary called Mysteries of Sleep. One of the important things I learned was described clearly in an experiment with toddlers.

Several toddlers were introduced to four new playthings, brand new with unique, previously unheard-of names.

The children were given the opportunity to learn the names of all these play toys.

After this part of the experiment, half the toddlers took their usual mid-day nap.

The other half were told they could play first for a while, then take their naps.

The following day, the toddlers who took a nap directly after their part of the experiment, responded correctly to each and every unique play toy.

The other half who had played first, then napped, mostly could not recall the correct names of the toys.

It goes to show and was determined by one the scientists, that if you nap after learning something new you most likely will remember it clearly.

The brain is a marvelous thing, a great gift, yet it needs you to sleep. Not just rest, but sleep. I know some of you are lifetime learners and are doing so, especially now, with things being upside down. It fills in the spaces of time. Be sure and take a nap after that webinar, online-course or a new class you are participating in. You will remember more of what you learned.

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Joanne Victoria