Some of you may have spare time on your hands right now. That’s good; you can get a lot done around the house as well as in your business if you can work from home.

How is your brain doing? Are there thoughts and inklings peeking around your brain and your subconscious – things you were thinking about before yet had to put to the side because there was no time available? Are the pieces coming together for something new and amazing?

Maybe you are thinking about changing careers or jobs. Maybe you are thinking about trying out that thing, that idea, you thought of, and dismissed, all those years ago.

Hold on to these thoughts for a minute.

One of my most profitable careers was when I worked in real estate. I was in sales, then management, followed by construction along with management and design, then a sole practitioner. All real estate challenges met and handled with success. Close to the end of this run, I was invited to be a part of a national real estate franchise, to be an area manager, THE area manager for the county I was then living in. It was an amazing offer and one I do look back on once ina while and wonder ‘What if?” Yet I am not truly a ‘what if’ kind of person.

I did have to think twice about this offer. Then the truth came down on my head.

I was done. I was done with real estate. The challenge was, I did not know what to do! I had no idea. None. Which is not like me. There were numerous parts of all my real estate specialties I loved – the relationships I made, the training of agents and their inherent success, the learning I was a part of, the walls I ran into, the new challenges with people and places, and of course, the happy sellers & buyers.

Within twenty-four hours my phone rang, and it was a dear friend. He asked me if I wanted to go to a workshop. I said where do I send the check? I trusted and still trust him implicitly as this was not the first time he invited me to participate in a workshop or seminar.

He said, no, not as an attendee, as a co-leader with him. I was stunned.

I had never led a workshop or seminar. I had never designed a workshop. The closest to this I had come was when I was running for a position on the local Board of Realtors where I then lived and had to run for this position as a politician would including writing and presenting speeches.

The rest really is history, a history of failures, successes, struggles, and big brick walls, yet this is where I am supposed to be.

Helping people find their calling and shining a bright light on their desires, passion, and values.

What I had was a calling for want of a better word. It is a great word, actually.

If you are human, you have a calling. Everyone does and the calling shows up sometimes when we are stressed or at the end of our respective ropes.

I was drawn to this work, with all its titles and delineations. I have yet to reach the next pinnacle, but I have a glimmer of what it is. I will let you know when I gt there.

This is my calling. What’s yours? If you have a story about your calling, click here or if you want help with your calling, click here as well.



Joanne Victoria