Consistency is the key to everything, especially now. Consistency is one of the many keys to ongoing success. Consistency over time also provides you with an everyday plan for your life and work.

It may be difficult during these pandemic times to be consistent using your old schedules.

However, if you do not maintain a schedule now, if you do not stay in touch with yourself via exercise, or with your family via electronics if they are not with you in the current self-quarantine or as I like to call it, solitude, if you do not stay in touch with your prospects or clients in the way you did before, you will be starting from scratch when all the doors are open and the lights are on. That could be exhausting.

For those of you who are missing some form of exercise, go on YouTube to discover numerous videos on Yoga, Stretching, Kettle Bells and even running indoors for a 5K!

When you were working with prospects or clients for your business, how did you communicate with them? Did you call them via telephone? What is stopping you from doing that now? Did you communicate via email or personal notes? There is nothing in your way of doing the same thing now.

Yes, you can clean your house and rid yourself of items that have been in your basement or garage forever. Yet this will not be enough to provide you with motivation when things change yet again. Or you can just binge on delectables until you have to lose that! weight to fit back into your wardrobe.

Get yourself back into your prior routine, albeit adjusted, now, so when you do move forward, you will be ready.

I have many clients who are in the process now of starting new businesses. As things change, and they always do, this gives them the opportunity to have more than one choice to use their skills, generate relationships and make more money.

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Joanne Victoria