Aside from paying attention to a few new details in your life: Social Distancing, Self-Quarantining, Significant Hand Washing and monitoring your own personal health, and a couple of other actions I may have missed that someone will remind me of, you do not need permission from anyone to do what you want with your life.

Your life is up to you.

That’s right – you can work where and how you want; you can change careers and you will change your life. You can make your life count for more than it is right now. Now is the time for some pivots, some adjusting, some rethinking of what truly matters to you.

You have accrued a wealth of knowledge and now want to dispense this knowledge in ways that help more people. You now want your life to truly count in ways it never has before. I say ‘Yes, you can!’

“It’s not possible for the world to hold a meeting and decide your value. That decision is all yours.”  – Liz Strauss, Author, ‘Anything You Put Your Mind To’

It is time for you to step out of the shadow and follow your true calling, the place where you are thoroughly at home. You will no longer keep being resistant by procrastinating and living in fear. You will be the new, improved you because now you will be the True You.

Listen to that voice in your head and be willing to nourish your calling by identifying your real passion.

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Joanne Victoria