When you want something, whether it is an emotion, a thing or a feeling, you have to put out a good vibe. Your vibe, whether negative or positive, will be picked up by others, especially those who are intuitive.

It’s all about energy, in this case, your energy.

For example, when I am at the movies, as I do not have my own private screening room, I do not like others to sit next to me. I put out a vibe that says ‘don’t sit next to me’ or ‘I want to be alone’ and it works, even in the most crowded of theaters – although it may be a while before I am back in movie theaters again!!

Many of us do this unconsciously. We need to understand and acknowledge the power of our energy and the receptiveness of others towards us. If we dearly want something, our vibe must be positive at all times

If we don’t want something and we are in negative vibe mode, please take a trip or go to the ocean or exercise, as your vibe, your negative energy will affect others.

The negative vibe is catching. Check out all the protesters of any type or the media in current times. They give off strong negative vibes and it makes you want to believe. Avoid when possible!

Positive vibes are catching as well, although not always in such a big way.

If we maintain positive energy, positive vibes, at home and at work, we will have more pleasant people around us. Your life will be easier, more productive and definitely more peaceful.

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Joanne Victoria