What we all need now during these Interesting Times is patience.

Your family wants to go visit friends and play anything, you desperately want to sleep.

Your Mom and Dad wonder when they are going to see you again.

Your partner wants your help with shopping for important products to get you through this Interesting Time; you still need that nap.

Your manager wants your part of the project done, now, no matter what and you cannot get your home office together.

There is no traffic on the freeways; another scary reminder of what may or may not be going on.

Everyone is in a bad mood, rushing at the last minute to get supplies.

You still need that nap.

It is time to practice patience.

Forego anger or petulance or panic; it will do you no good.

Find a bit of quiet space (car? bathroom?) and breathe deeply. Know that everyone appreciates you; they are just following the current chaos.

Take a deep breath, right now. Know that if you breathe, you are in the present moment, not in any drama, not in the past, nor in the future. You are in the NOW.

Breathe, look yourself in the mirror and resolve to do your best.

After all, times like these hopefully only happen once in a while and you will get through this mostly be remaining calm and breathing deeply. And of course, that nap.

If you want to know how to get through this interesting time as effortlessly as possible, contact me here.

Joanne Victoria



Joanne Victoria