Automate or delegate!

You’ve heard this before, especially if you are a business owner. Some entrepreneurs/owners are able to delegate right away, others take their time. Some, especially in the tech field, are anxious to automate. They are aware of the time saved and money made.

However, there are quite a few startups/entrepreneurs who are unwilling to let go of control. Usually, it is because the owner is in fear of losing power. In other instances, these owners just want to be right in their own approach to their business.

The best way is to do both. Delegate and automate – as soon as possible.

Make it part of your business, vision and marketing plan; to delegate as much as possible. The more you delegate, the less of a burden is on your back.

Andrew Carnegie, the greatest steel magnate, is said to have known nothing about steel when he started his business. He assembled a team of experts, including scientists, engineers and business people who met every day and actually ran the day to day business of the company. Carnegie said his role was to make sure everyone got along so the work would go on smoothly. Carnegie knew how to delegate. Do you?

And what can I say about automation?! There are so many possibilities that businesses hire employees just to take care of this aspect of the business.

Imagine, not having to remember if you posted to your Social Media or booked that appointment with a podcast guest!?

Your voicemail is both – you delegated the voicemail to hold your calls and it is also a part of automation. Automation has gone way beyond what you have probably even considered.

From designing your website and keeping it updated automatically to autoresponders and then on to an automated email program. What you need and want can be done by many people. If you can’t find any referrals, go check out for an abundance of possibilities.

Need help in delegating at your business? Talk to me and let’s figure it out.








Joanne Victoria