Deadwood was an HBO Television series for three seasons and was set in the 1870s and follows the growth of Deadwood, South Dakota, first a camp, then a real town, now a city of about 1300 individuals.

Deadwood was populated by people searching for gold. Many residents were what I call entrepreneurs. Those who already had skills opened various businesses. Those who were smart found a need and filled it.

The town of Deadwood, South Dakota burned and was rebuilt several times.

Today’s entrepreneurial businesses are absorbed by larger companies; we see this every day. Some consider the original business to be ‘burned’ by larger corporations.

Yet, how would a company come to fruition without the entrepreneur who had the idea to fill that need?

Each of us, including you, the reader, has an idea or a skill or a thought or a dream they would like to fulfill.

Do it.

Deadwood, now a historical landmark, was built by entrepreneurs on their path to possible financial freedom due to the Gold Rush; some found it during that time, others are still in Deadwood, South Dakota, inviting tourists to come to their unique city. The stories along the way are endless, including one about Sol Star who went to Deadwood to take advantage of the absence of a hardware store to support the gold prospectors.

When the hardware store burned down, Star and his partner built Deadwood’s first hotel on that site and it operates to this day.

The West was populated by entrepreneurs and it seems, it still is.

Never give up your dream to create, to serve, to be a part of the entrepreneurial spirit that populated these United States.

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Joanne Victoria