As you sit in your office wondering what other successful business owners are doing differently than you, have you ever asked yourself if you should change your methods?

Change is to shift or move which means you are possibly doing some change as you read this article. So it’s not just about change, it’s about doing things differently than you’ve done them before. It’s about the distinction between change, shift, and leap.

What would cause you to leap forward in your business? What ideas could you come up with that you would say a resounding “Yes!” to?

Yes- I can do that!

What dreams about yourself and your business are not yet realized? Independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners don’t like to be told what to do or how to do it. We accept information only from others who have proven themselves in their own profession. We don’t rely on a weekly paycheck and most of us never have.

We move to the beat of a different drum.

Then why are we checking others out and looking at how they are doing, professionally and financially? Women may be polite, listening quietly to someone else’s achievement and success. Men may go yes, I know, when I did that, this is how it worked out. Each may walk away questioning their own judgment and motivation, or maybe even critiquing the other’s method.

The truth is, you have all your own ideas in your own mind. There is a saying: The teacher shows up when you need one, or, build it and they will come. You are your own best teacher and you can build anything.

If you come from a personal and professional value-based life, you will be able to trust your own ideas.

What you are looking for is flow. The flow of your life, your ideas, your mind. Flow is as much about change as anything.

How can you create flow?

You have to learn to listen. In order to listen, you have to be quiet. You need to take time each and every day and be quiet. You can write and be quiet. You can listen to music and be quiet. You can sit in silence and be quiet. It’s vital to be calm and tranquil so your own mind can provide you with ideas unique to you. Not somebody else’s way, but your own. This is doing something differently than you’ve done it before.

Take the time, ten percent of a twenty-four-hour day, and be quiet. It takes practice, but the ideas will flow and you’ll find that change is not just changing, but transformation.

All you have to do is listen. Just listen.


Joanne Victoria