My clients are directed by me to first, schedule a half-day mid-week for themselves; a weekend a month for whatever they want to do, one week per quarter, again, for whatever they want to do and if needed, a month or more for a long trip or a rental in Europe, Australia, or Antarctica for a grand time.

Now I ask you what you want to do this year?

Look at what you want to do, be or have, especially as it regards, yourself, your family and then your work. Forget about world issues unless it interferes with your traveling.

If I asked you now if you wanted to take a month off, either by yourself or with your family, if you have one. The usual response is something like this – ‘Sounds great, but I can’t. I have so much to do and they need me here at XXXX.’

No, they don’t. If your business or job is so fragile that you would lose everything if you either worked remotely for a month or not worked at all, then something needs to change.

Working remotely for maybe three days per week will help you immensely, certainly to be more healthy, more in harmony with who you are and better suited to be with your family.

If there are changes you want to make, do what you need to do to make these changes.

Anything can be yours if first, you say this is what you want. Name it,  own it and announce it where you need to.

Then start making changes in your life, your schedules and design a plan.

I know, the world will blow up if you make one teeny tiny change in your Universe.

No, it won’t

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Joanne Victoria