There are many events that occur at the end of the year; holiday parties, family vacations, change of jobs.
What? Did I really say that? Who changes jobs at the end of the year?
Loads of people change positions and locations at the end of the year, from salespeople – vehicle sales and real estate sales for example.
What a better time to do so. It’s not like the hot summer days where everyone is moving before school starts and needs that new home as well as the new truck or SUV to place in the new garage.
During the wintertime, many big-ticket salespeople take a peek behind the curtain at other opportunities. Does the other company have a bigger advertising budget? Will the other company pay you a better commission? Is your existing company a bit fractious and is it starting to bother you?
You are free to move around in your sales circle and find that new position.
Large corporations also have a lot of movement in the C Suite arena. CEOs are sometimes grudgingly given their walking papers especially if they have not met their company’s goals.
And the beat goes on.
There are millions of Independent Contractors in numerous businesses worldwide who are also seeking new positions during this time. It is not a new thing, it’s just a thing that happens year-end.
What about you?
Do you need to give someone in your business their walking papers or will you be satisfied with a productive conversation while leaving all your options accessible on this particular table?
Or is it time to replace yourself? Are you ready to take a step back or do you need to step up and take more functional responsibility?
This is that time. No waiting required.
Need some guidance or mentoring in that arena? Contact me here and let’s do it!


Joanne Victoria