Resilience is your ability to adapt, to bounce back when things do not go the way you thought they would. Is your difficulty a challenge or do you go straight into overwhelm?

How resilient are you? Do you come back from perceived failure easily and effortlessly or do you wallow in the misery? Do you feel as if you have lost control?

Resilience is easy for some. If you get through the trauma of divorce, death, and financial disasters, you are resilient. You may still feel the pain of your trauma, yet your behavior about these things is what gets you through the days and nights of emotional distress.

An important ingredient in your comeback resilience is your relationships, both at home and at work. If you have good, solid, loving relationships with people, you may be more resilient than someone who is sitting alone in a studio apartment with no friends or family.

Although there is the rare breed of person who goes within themselves to seek the truth about how they can overcome the results of their traumas.

It’s all in how you view the trauma. A firing at work can open your eyes to other opportunities; a relationship break-up can also open your eyes to the type of individual you need to be spending your time with. A death in the family may allow you to grieve for them and yourself, and by releasing held in emotions, help you clarify your purpose in life.

Maintain your perspective on all these events. It may be time for you to delve into your own inner world to discover where you need some emotional help. You might find yourself feeling more vulnerable than you have never felt before. This dropping of your guard may open you up to better relationships, a sense of self-worth you have not experienced before and a better appreciation for life.

I can coach you into resilience here.



Joanne Victoria