Are you feeling alone right now? Do you feel alone even if you are at a large networking event or a professional meeting?

Running a profitable business is like having major surgery, you can’t do it alone. You cannot do whatever you do in a vacuum.

It is easier to define, create, and implement if you have someone else on your team. If you were having major surgery, you would have the surgeon, anesthetist, nurses, and hopefully your family on your team.

How to Choose Your Team

To begin with, choose someone who thinks the way you do, has a big vision as you do, and can bring their expertise to the table. You and your business will move further and faster. If you are interested in joining a Master Mind group, start your own group. Just don’t do it alone, anymore.

Choose wisely!

You are the average of the people you spend time with the most. Love your friends, but if you want to think big, you need to spend time with people who take risks and talk and implement big ideas.

Work with a mentor, hire a coach, and network only with people who are in alignment with your thinking. Create a Master Mind group that meets once a week. We all need an outside, objective resource who is as passionate as you are about your work.

There are many ways to Master Mind. You could join social networking groups, chat briefly with someone once per week or per month, have coffee with peers or attend networking groups. In any event, spend time with people you admire and trust.

You will never be alone if you choose your peers wisely.

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Joanne Victoria