A recent podcast guest spoke about her journey to become a life coach; she wants to expand human consciousness and help people discover their life’s purpose and create the life they love.

My first question to my guests is usually asking how they got here to be whatever they say they are, to discover what their path was and maybe still is. To not only humanize the guest, but also to inform the listeners and viewers, that the guests did it, they worked their traumas and made a success of themselves, and maybe the listeners and readers can as well.

Listeners, now readers, want to know. There is this misnomer that we Coaches &
Consultants have a secret, that someone gave us the key to the path and we know what the end is like.

We don’t.

Those who are in the corporate world are different. There is a process in place that can move you forward from worker bee to Director, to Vice-President, to President to CEO. I’m not saying these corporate individuals did not have to work thru and overcome their own demons; it’s different.

Some Coaches & Consultants take a risk by making that first step into the relative unknown, using their past traumas to learn from and help others with.

When we go onto this presumed path, towards the dream, we use all our life experiences to learn and teach others. We use our childhood experiences, both good and bad, to learn from.

We take this risk, because it is a big risk, and that’s how we are wired. We do what we need to do to help others. Again, that’s it.

We are not selling a car or a telephone, we are selling a life, hopefully, a healthy, forward-thinking life.

We have no special help, except from others who may be familiar with this path. There are no secrets to make this easier. Once my guest stepped on the path, helpers did show up to come to her aid, yet it was not by design.

Imagine if a CEO had to relive his or her past all the time, as a reference, as a learning and teaching tool. 

This does not often happen although it is possible.

I spend time with my guests prior to recording the podcast. In this particular instance, I acknowledged my guest and her willingness to not only learn from her traumas but also to use this as a reference for teaching and healing others.

After the call, she was in tears. She does not often get acknowledged for her past, for her pain, for her willingness to share the results of these things in order to benefit others. She shared her appreciation to me for that recognition on my part. 

But she did, I was a part of it, and others are receiving the benefits even with these emotional risks.

Let me know if I can help you on your path.

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Joanne Victoria