Watch how the world is. Choose to participate or not, however, the best thing to do is be detached from what is going on ‘out there’. It takes practice, so start practicing right away.

Worries about negative outcomes stress your mind and diminish your capacity to trust your instincts. Unforeseen circumstances occur. You only have control over your actions, not the ultimate results.

Allow the outcomes you achieve to enhance your imagination and motivate you to advance into the world of unknown possibilities.

Instead, be here now. Pay attention to what is occurring right now in your life. This very second, your life is all about options, so choose wisely.

Deal with what is in front of you. Stay in the ‘Now ‘as much as you can. Your stress levels will lower. Your work will be better. Your home life will thrive.

Are you ready to lower your stress levels? Do you want to stop tired all the time?

Live every day with energy, love, and gratitude.

At the same time, save some room for yourself.

Love yourself first.

Be grateful to yourself first.

Give all energies to yourself first.

You are truly the only person that can put YOU first.

If you don’t do this, you will be coming from an empty well.

You deserve to take it easy anytime, yet probably more now, because the outside world is insane.

When your workday is done, walk away.

When your playtime is done, walk away.

When it is home or family time and you are done, walk away.

Let all your stresses from multiple parts of your life go before attempting your next step.

Start each day by letting go of yesterday.

Today is a new day with a new beginning.

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Joanne Victoria