You are a worthy person, providing a great product or service and you deserve the best!

You are here to help others, no matter what stories of fame and fortune you have told yourself. We are all here for the benefit of others.

The world cannot live without you!

To remind yourself why you provide this great product or service, follow the instructions in the following outline.

>Write five reasons why your product or service is worth three times what you are charging.

>Write a love letter to yourself stating at least ten of your positive traits. Each day write a list of the ten things you like about yourself.

>At the end of ten days, you will have 100 things you like about yourself!!

>Choose the Top Ten from this list of 100 Hundred and adore yourself for at least a week.

>Then, re-do this process over and over until you truly decide you are worth the impossible dream.

Following this exercise, share it with your Outer Team. Oh, you think you are in this alone? You are not alone. It is possible to do this alone, however, it will use up all your skills, talent and strength. The Outer Vision Team is where real-world action takes place.

You first need a Mentor, someone who will ‘hold’ the dream for you when you are so tired that you forget it. Second, everyone on your team must have values that are in alignment with your values. Third, you can have as few as three other people on your team. Too many cooks do spoil the broth, so keep it small and simple. Fourth, this is when you need the ability to trust others.

Let’s talk about your Outer Team and your Top 100 list.

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