One of my vendors requested a LinkedIn recommendation. I said absolutely. The vendor wanted it soonest. I was against a wall for time, so I suggested they write it themselves.

They were astounded. Write about myself, they said. I said, why not. Who knows your skills better than you?

Well, the result was amazing. The vendor wrote several paragraphs about all the work we did together and covered many topics I had not even remembered.

I approved it, posted it and now there is one super shiny amazing LinkedIn recommendation on their profile.

If you were raised to hide your light under a bushel, to keep your success and skills hidden in order not to shame anyone in your family, I say, ignore all that hogwash and shine a light on every inch of your skills and magical powers.

Start admiring yourself each and every day because you’re worth it. No one else will do it so why not you?

Begin now by acknowledging and appreciating all that you are and all that you do. Each day, take note of why you appreciate yourself.

People talk about daily gratitude; it is time to be grateful for you!

Are you a good friend, good parent, good worker? Are you a great dancer? Do you throw great parties? Do you treat people well?

These beliefs build up over time, so when you feel discouraged and frustrated, you can refer to these confidence builders and start kicking it.

Tips to put yourself first:

  1. Decide who is the most important person in the world. By the way, it’s YOU!
  2. Make a list of what you want to eliminate from your life.
  3. Be ruthless. Eliminate any and every thing or person, that you no longer have any desire for.
  4. Do it now: eliminate something from your life today.
  5. Make room for what you really want.

Remember, If there is no space, nothing can come in.

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Joanne Victoria