We are all under pressure at home and at work from time to time. This time it is different.

You may not get enough sleep; the kids are cranky and need to get to school as well as afterschool activities; your partner is traveling and working away from home; your boss wants his deadline met NOW!

You would rather go to the movies and sit in the dark with people you do not know, people who you owe nothing to and leave you well alone.

But you can’t.

You have responsibilities.

So, what are you to do?

It’s when work pressure interferes with other parts of your life that you feel you will explode!

Have you had full days at work with pressure from the bosses? Is your family pulling you in different directions; are your friends wanting you to play and have fun?

Are you doing too much and feeling overwhelmed?

Overwhelm is a bad state to be in because you are almost powerless. The power that remains is best going to simple solutions.

First of all, stop what you are doing, right now.

Slow down and take a breath or four or five very deep breaths, as many as you can.

Delegate items on your to-do list after you prioritize the list.

Make everything you do during this crisis into digestible bites.

Drink lots of water. You are stressed out and water is the great healer here.

Go outdoors. Go for a walk, go to the movies, go to the park, just go!

Other things you could do-

Go to bed – naps can work wonders for your mind and body.

Read a book – distract yourself from your office, family and friends’ woes.

If there is someone you trust that you can talk to, do so to pop the energy around the overwhelm bubble.

As you come back to earth, make a list of all you have accomplished to date.

Inventories can be supportive because most people who wind up in overwhelm and feel the pressure can be overachievers and never think that they have done enough!

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Joanne Victoria