Employee Engagement is emotional, yet not necessarily about the happiness of the employee. Employee Engagement is about employees who truly care about their work, the place they work and the Vision, Mission, and Goals that the company aspires to. If happiness and satisfaction with their job and their lives occur, this is a great byproduct of the process.

The BIG outcome of Employee Engagement strategies is that it reduces turnover which is costly to business owners, from small businesses to large businesses alike. There is greater profit from engaged employees as sales are higher, customer satisfaction is greater, all while providing higher levels of customer service.

Currently, when one leaves a job, by choice or design, they can easily find another one in their chosen fields, especially if they meet the new company’s criteria. One would think the new company has been thoroughly explored to discover what unusual benefits are provided to stay at this job and enjoy their co-workers as well as what opportunities this company provides in the way of personal development opportunities, wellness programs, flexible schedules.

What do employees need the company to provide in order to facilitate high Employee Engagement?

Employers Need Compassionate, Kind-Hearted Managers

I’ve said it before and here it is again. Most people, when they quit their job, do it because of the boss – not the job itself. A boss that is positively and actively engaged with the employees keeps the turnover rate low on the job. These types of bosses will hold people accountable for their actions, have pride and self-respect, show sympathy and empathy, and are a true manager of people.

If your boss thinks you are amazing, you WILL be more amazing! When you are this amazing employee, look to your manager and say Thank You!

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Joanne Victoria