One needs inspiration to be creative. I require peace and quiet, as much as possible. I get my creative input from dreams, thoughts that have been there a while and everyday stuff, including my niche market, Techs & Non-Techies. The Beatles and many rock n’ roll bands wrote about very personal and not so nice experiences. They were blessed to do so.

However, touring bands that are locked up in hotels during their tours, were not able to be as creative as they wished. There was little stimulation from the hotel room; one after another, they rooms were similar in their sterility.

So, locking oneself up in order to pursue creativity does not work. When I say creativity, I mean for artists of any ilk, speaker, writers, bosses, employees, rock stars and maybe even the film and video directors.

Drama helps. If you have a terrible or even a great job or relationship; you have much to be creative with.

Where can you find stimulation outside of your own life and work?

You can read most anything, however, fiction works well because you already have the protagonist and antagonists with their own issues and challenges.

Go to the nearest large city and take a walk. There is so much stimulation for creativity for any professional. Individual, couples, families; they all have their own dramas and you can add yours to it and put together a film, book or article.Make yourself a part of their lives and see what happens. Only in your creative mind, of course!

When possible, I take a different route to my appointments and yet another route home. There is so much to see that it gets the mind moving.

You can talk to your animals. They will hear your tone; however, your thoughts will expand in the process. Try it – I know others who already have and this works!

Plan a vacation if you are not going to take it. The planning part is great for creative stimulation; this process may even allow you to TAKE this vacation. The details are important; you will see new and powerful things in this game of stimulation and creativity.

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Joanne Victoria